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Hello & Welcome to GIMME of Global Exposure Business with JDL

“Businesses come to me because they have problems and need them fixed.

They’re tired of getting a report from their SEO firm and not having any idea what it means or if they’re getting results.

They’re tired of hearing all this talk about social media and not knowing how or where to start.

They’re tired of having a great company with a great product or service that doesn’t get noticed by anyone.

They’re sick of seeing their competitors crush them online and want to make some digital noise of their own.

So I fix these and many other problems business have…”

GIMME  is a group of amazing people connected through the same passions and goals. 

GIMME Helps those Expose their Business/ Passions/ Dreams.

GIMME  is here to share knowledge, tips, expertise and marketing secrets with each other and much more.

Please select your interest,  acceptable payments ( PayPal (no checks accepted) for full details please send reply to josephjdeluca@gmail.com

$38.88*{each}  Pick what You Want from the levels to your needs.

{Group Number of participants:  up to 12}
[Questions / Details] available by clicking here @  http://gimme.setmore.com/


Facebook for Beginners – Learning Outcomes

How businesses can use Facebook as a marketing tool
Setting up a Facebook business page correctly so that it performs well in Facebook & Google for relevant searches
Identify an appropriate Cover Photo & Profile Photo
How to write a professional business description
How to build your Facebook audience
Developing a posting strategy
Tips for achieving engagement on Facebook
Facebook Insights and how to use them to improve posting strategy in the future.

Twitter for Business Learning Outcomes

Twitter is a microblogging social network that works in real-time.  People connect on Twitter through topics and conversations and it’s a great way to interact with customer, the media, stakeholders and other influential people in your sector.

Twitter Course Overview

What is Twitter?
How to set up a Twitter Profile
How to represent your brand on Twitter
Practical business applications
Understanding Twitter Terminology
How to Tweet
Twitter Etiquette
Using Lists
Creating a Hashtag policy

Social Media Marketing Course

The Introductory social media training course is aimed at those in businesses that are keen to establish a Social Media profile, and in using the same to develop a competitive edge. Participants will gain the knowledge to plan a low-cost approach to effective marketing.

By the end of the course, participants will have started to use Social Media effectively for market their businesses.

Course Outline

: Introduction to Facebook (Beginners)

  • Identify how Facebook is Word of Mouth Online
  • Setting up a Facebook Business Page Correctly
  • Outline the differences between a Facebook Profile, Group & Page
  • Explore the 3 types of Facebook Posts (Organic, Viral & Paid)
  • Selecting an appropriate Cover Photo & Profile Photo
  • Prepare how to write a professional business description
  • Explore the best Practices for Posting on Facebook (Includes uploading images & inserting links. E.g. Adding presentations and videos,
  • Select the steps on how to build your page audience
  • Administering your page,
  • Customizing without coding,
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Feeding your blog to your Facebook page,
  • Building brand awareness
  • Introduction to Facebook Analytics
    Facebook (Intermediate / Advanced)

    • Explore Facebook Admin Panel
    • Relevant third-party applications for business pages
    • Identify Facebook Competition Rules & running competitions
    • Identify the different types of Facebook Advertising
    • Select the Steps to Setting Up Facebook Ads
    • Explore Advertising Performance
    • Content that gets results on Facebook,
    • Techniques for building and engaging your fan base,
    • Advanced Analytics Introduction to Twitter
      • How can Social Media marketing help your business
      • How does Twitter work
      • Setting up a Twitter profile for your business
      • customizing your Twitter profile
      • Understanding Twitter Terminology
      • Following & Followers
      • Download the Twitter App onto Smartphone
      • Best practices for tweeting
      • Using the video service Vine
      • Using Bitly.com Link Shortening Service
      • How to use Promoted Tweets and Accounts
      • How to join in the conversation on Twitter (Hashtags)

        Website Marketing & e-commerce Training Course

        Want to start selling online?  This full day workshop, delivered in non technical language explains how to structure an e-commerce website, how to optimise it for search engines and how to start doing business online.

        Course Overview

        • What are the main search engines and what role they play in Digital Marketing
        • Best Practice in Website Design
        • How to Organise or Structure a Website
        • What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
        • How to implement best practice in SEO across your website
        • How to generate a Privacy Policy
        • What is E-Commerce
        • Identify Revenue Models
        • How to Process Online Transactions
        • Analysis of different e-commerce Platforms
        • Recommendations for maximising online sales



GIMME Level: $38.88 (Month)
Hosting your site on my page
{Please Note: GIMME of Global Exposure Business with JDL has the right to approve/deny what event or organization is promoted on my site}


GIMME Prime Level focus:: I been Paying it Forward, Thought of an
Idea, Put it into Action, Ready to passing it to all those that Are READY to doing the same….

GIMME Level:  Is the focus of a very simple relationship where “Your Success is Everyone’s Success”

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